Consume up to 90% less electricity thanks to adiabatic cooling

We cool your buildings while drastically reducing operating costs. The high performance adiabatic air conditioners distributed by Bioclimas consume up to 90% less electricity than a traditional air conditioner.

It is an innovative process that works with air and water, without refrigerant gas. Thanks to the evaporation of water in contact with the hot outside air, we produce cold air without harming the environment.

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Climate Wizard McDonalds
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Climate Wizard Adelaide
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Breezair Haji
Climate Wizard

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Representative of the Breezair® and Climate Wizard© brands

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Performance en in real time and over 7 days

These data come from the monitoring system installed by our partner Fando in our Nivelles offices, with several temperature, humidity and flow probes.
The COP, Coefficient of Performance, provides a ratio between the cooling power supplied and the electrical power consumed. The higher the COP, the more efficient the system. Here, we calculate it over the last 7 days, using an energy meter and probes to measure the cooling power produced.
In the case of cooling adiabatic, the COP depends in particular on climatic conditions. The hotter and drier it is, the better the machine's ability to produce cold and therefore provide a comfortable climate inside the building.

A technology in the air of time,
which consumes less and emits less

Comfort and well-being

and well-being

Staff and customers enjoy a pleasant temperature all year round.


Reduced costs

Our Breezair® and Climate Wizard© systems are the cheapest on the market. They consume up to 90% less electricity than other types of cooling and the installation prices are similar.



Operating without refrigerant and reducing energy consumption by 90% is what makes adiabatic cooling the most ecological.

Durable and reliable

Durable and reliable

Thanks to our reliable and robust technology, we can count on installations that are more than 15 years old.

Good for your health

Excellent for your health

We constantly renew the air, which expels germs and odors from the building.

Ideal for professional spaces

Ideal for professional spaces

Our solutions pulse large amounts of air as needed, making them the only solution designed for professional spaces.

What our customers think of us:


"Bioclimas is a necessary comfort. It is an ecological, efficient and cheap system".



"The savings in energy costs are enormous. Compared to a conventional cooling we are at 70% savings."

Doktor Jack

"Best value for money on the market. When I analyzed the technical data sheet I was convinced. The freshness can be felt instantly."

Restaurant l'amusoir

"Efficient, good value for money, excellent after sales service. We started with one machine, we have installed over 10 in the meantime."

Shocx sports center

"Getting rid of ventilation, odors, condensation from our gym gives us a unique advantage over our competitors, and it's all possible with Bioclimas."


"Thanks to Bioclimas' adiabatic technology, our buildings are now cool, energy efficient and environmentally friendly."


"We chose Bioclimas for their innovative and efficient adiabatic cooling technology to cool our paddle courts."

Traditional cooling has
a negative impact on our societies

80 %
of the energy consumption of buildings is for cooling and heating
is the temperature increase at the city level due to the traditional cooling
5 %
of CO2 emissions from the building industry come from traditional cooling systems